Haven't the pines been saved?

This is a common question. As you spend your time at Fort Zach under the pleasant shade of pine canopy, it's taken for granted that these trees are here to stay, but this is not necessarily true. As the annual Save Our Pines Picnic approaches, we thought it a good time to clarify the current situation of the pines at the park.

The answer is yes... and no. 

Yes, it’s true that ten years ago through diligent efforts, we saved the current stand of pines at Fort Zachary Taylor from being completely destroyed. 

However, our work is not done.

As the remaining pine population continues to age, we lose a number of pines each year to natural decay. As it stands now, we are not able to replenish the population as they die off. SOP is actively working to find ways to repopulate, so the biggest challenge is still ahead of us. 

Over the years we have established meaningful dialogue with the state, the county and the city. With their support, and the support of those who love the pines so very much, we believe that we can identify acceptable solutions that will allow the pines to remain at Fort Zach for generations to come. Please join with us to Save Our Pines for good.